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What if the future of online museum is not in showing artworks but in creating interaction?

We tested an oMoMa, the online Museum of Multiplayer art by LIKELIKE

In April 2020, LIKELIKE - an online neo-arcade - launched oMoMa, an art space with playful environments, far from worlwide galleries/museum going digital (online exhibition, 360° visits or VR journey into artworks) with the COVID-19.

Definitely running in the opposite direction with low-res space, where you create your cubic avatar in a few clicks then go discover art games and installations. Placing interaction at the center of the experience, you can enter the mirror room (where your see yourself double and your sentences backward), the censor room (where one word can only be said/written once) or the rhyme room (no need to explain here!).

"The oMoMA is a both a tongue-in-cheek response to the forced virtualization of the art world under COVID-19, and a contribution to the genre of virtual museums. Virtual museums generally transpose all the signifiers of modern art institutions (white walls, architectural extravagance, overwrought curatorial statements, monumental installations…) into 3D game engines. Whether solo efforts or collaborative endeavor, they tend to be made of mostly static, non-interactive environments – the implication being that art is something to look at, or to walk through.

With the oMoMA I wanted to create playful spaces that reproduce the social dynamics of exhibition spaces while leveraging the peculiarity of mediated spaces. There is not much toseeat the oMoMA: all the installations require having conversations with other users. Some “pieces” go entirely unnoticed by lonely or shy visitors."

Paolo Pedercini– Executive Director

Yes, we liked it and, Yes, we will come back!

Enter HERE, best is to go with your friends or during open hours to interact!

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