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Creative Vietnam: FLORIAN SÔNG NGUYỄN /// Visual Artist (FR/VN)

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Florian is an upcoming French-Vietnamese visual artist, who recently joined the creative scene in Vietnam. His track record is impressive, he’s had solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Singapore, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Time to check out his work and what he thinks about Vietnam.

Can you describe your art?

Most of my works are centered around drawing. I really enjoy working with ink on paper, the texture of things fascinates me. But I’ve also made artworks and installations with painted sand, neon's light and black stone.

Besides, I make illustrations on commission – which I consider different from my art projects. And, I am still running a graphic design company in Paris&Vietnam: Thirty Dirty Fingers.

Florian & his Art

What is your artistic super power?

[Laughs] I don’t know if I have a super power. But if I really have to say something, maybe it’s patience. Which is funny, because in real life I’m not very patient at all. But when I’m working on a drawing or a piece of art, I can work for hours without taking a break.

What is the color and shape of your art?

The shape is a movement and the color is black and white mostly.

If your art was made out of punctuation marks, what would it look like? I would say millions of dots for the simplicity and the visual aspects of a simple form. And I’d add brackets for the meaning underneath things.

What’s the best of advice you've been given?

Hum, try and try again.

Describe your favorite art work without revealing its name or the artist’s name.

I have so many. But let’s say it’s a self-portrait of one of my favorite artists. He painted it when he was only 20 years old! It’s a self-nude composition; you can’t see his feet, only one hand and he is holding is head. The painting is very expressive; the body is in a green/yellowish tint, alone in the middle of this white canvas. I saw this painting in 2012 in the Leopold Museum in Vienna and I literally got stuck in front of it for a long, long time.

Could you tell more about the collaborations you’ve had in Vietnam?

In 2016, I worked with choreographer Sébastien Ly and six dancers (Châu, Dung, Quang, Vũ, Uyên and Yến) on Memories X Movements, a project supported by Institut Français.

Furthermore I worked with Võ Hồng Nhung and Lê Mai Anh during my research on my solo in Hanoi.

And I’ve also been working on performance with Võ Hồng Nhung for the two first editions of Krossing Over Art festival. First just the two of us and the for the second edition along with 5 dancers (Cúc, Minh, Nhu, Hang Le, Sam). And right now I am working on different project along with Thierry Niang (a french vietnamese choresgrapher) and again with Lê Mai Anh.

What is your vision about art and creativity in Vietnam in general and HCMC in particular?

I’ve been here only for a year [in 2017], so it’s difficult to say. For me, Saigon is an amazing place to be for an artist right now. Everything is moving so fast and the scene is very unique and interesting. Discover more on Florian's facebook, instagram and website.

Interview from 2017 / updated Oct. 2018 - Copywriting by with Annijge Jacobs

Since then, Florian was involved in several collaborations and exhibitions.

Here is a sneak peek at his last installation "Lá đen" for Wintercearig Project at the Fine Arts Museum of HCM (October 2018).

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