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Creative Vietnam: BACH NGUYEN /// Illustrator (VN)

It seems like Bach has black ink running through his veins. Almost all of his detailed drawings, full of lines and patterns, are in black and white. To him, illustrating is a life-time process, the one thing he was meant to do. So, even though Bach is now finishing his Master degree of Trade and Diplomacy in Australia, he will never stop drawing.

Can you describe your art?

I do illustrations. So, I draw stuff on paper. With black ink. I tried color once, but it didn’t work out well; I felt I couldn’t embrace the details. That’s why, black and white, and sometimes gray, are my favorites. My obsession lies with lines and details. Putting small pieces of symbols or characters to complete an artwork is a rewarding process - but also a painful one.

The ideas of my works are diverse, yet they basically reflect the philosophies of human, political theories, ideologies or the thoughts that I’ve either devised or observed. I do not expect people to understand my art. As long as they enjoy the details and the patterns of lines I create, we can have a good conversation about the meaning behind it.

My inspiration comes from sci-fi, dark fantasy art, illusions and unreal illustrations, and from well-known artists like Escher and Dalí, and younger ones like DZO.

Back Nguyen - Blast Artworks

What is your artistic superpower? I can develop ideas rapidly, which helps me reduce the time needed for sketching. Basically, I can produce fast due to my Fordism mindset of making artworks. [He laughs] But seriously, I think nowadays, some other people have the same ‘super power’ as I do. You could say I am pretty regular in the market. What is really unique about me, is probably the idea behind my work.

If your art was made out of punctuation marks, what would it be?

?! ??? !!!!

What’s the best of advice you've been given?

Know yourself.

Describe your favorite art work without revealing its name or the artist’s name.

An unreal structure that challenges the law of dimension.

Bach Nguyen - Blast Artwork

What is your vision about art and creativity in Vietnam in general and HCMC in particular?

I’m very optimistic about the future of art and creativity everywhere in Vietnam. In HCMC, the scene is emerging rapidly, and many projects are being conducted by the youth. Examples are: Saigon Art Book, Indikart exhibitions and some monthly art markets. Artists in HCMC are now acknowledged by the society and they also know how to express and promote themselves using social media.

However, we’re still young and we need time to fully develop. But based on what I’ve observed, we are definitely on the right track. Many of us do know how to take advantage of this era of globalization - learning from other art societies is crucial. Discover more on Bach's facebook here and on Deviant art too.

Interview from 2017 - Copywriting by with Annijge Jacobs

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